FITNESS CENTER CLEANING - Clean Rite Cleaning Service's

Get Your Gym To Competition Standard

Running a Gym can be difficult at times. With all those members working up a sweat having a reliable cleaning service is an important part of any fitness center. With Clean Rite, we make that easy for you. With a high-quality fitness centre cleaning services, your gym members will remain impressed by your facility.

Everyone seems to be working towards improving their health and fitness these days. Gym owners should, thus, prioritize the up-keeping of their facilities.

Clean Rite’s cleaning services will have two immediate benefits for your fitness centre. First, you’ll meet the requirements set out by law regarding levels of hygiene. Second, you’ll demonstrate to your members that your gym cares for their wellbeing.

Why Choose Clean Rite? 

  • We Disinfect all equipment and machines with hospital grade disinfectant. 
  • We Keep Bathrooms and Change Rooms Pristine. 
  • We have the right equipment to clean gym floors. 
  • All Cleaners are fully trained, insured and qualified
  • We Know Gyms and Fitness Centers. 
  • Clean Rite will clean after hours so NOT to interfere with your members using your facilities 
  • We will complete a monthly site visit to ensure our cleaners are cleaning to the highest standards.
  • Your facilities shine with a perfect, sanitized, and polished clean.