FAQ | CleanRite - Hamilton

Q. Is my carpet left wet after you have cleaned it?

A. No, Our extraction machine draws the water out of the carpet fibers and we use air movers to make sure the carpet is left dry and ready to walk on.

Q. Can you remove stains from my carpet?

A Yes, In most cases, we can remove the stains from your carpet, It is important to get us is to clean the carpet as soon as possible for the best results.

Q. My upholstery and furniture are dirty can you clean them?

A Yes Clean Rite are experts in cleaning upholstery and furniture.

Q. Can you remove odours like pet smells, pet urine, and cigarette smell from our carpets and furniture?

A. Yes, Clean Rite Carpet Cleaners have specialized cleaning agents and odour removal agents for just this type of job.

Q. My house wash flooded can you remove the water from my house?

A. Yes, Clean Rite can come to you 24/7 and extract the water from your house.

Q. Do you work on weekends?

A. Yes, Clean Rite works seven days a week